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Keeping Parents in the Loop

How to effectively navigate parent crisis communication at your district

July 14th, 2022

12 pm CT

How to Effectively Navigate Parent Crisis Communication at Your District

Does your crisis communication plan effectively include parents? Having an inclusive crisis communication plan in place reduces noise, provides an effective solution-focussed communication flow and allows stakeholders to focus on what matters most. Join us in our discussion on the effectiveness of Parent Emergency Communication Systems (PECS) and learn how to be heroes in communication.

Webinar Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to use emergency alerts to your advantage when communicating with parents
  • How to establish an effective communication roadmap that includes all of your emergency stakeholders
  • How to engage parents in crisis communication without inciting unwarranted fear
Parents. Students. Teachers.  Everyone is feeling the pressure of information overload like never before.
YOU CAN cut through the noise and pandemonium when your communications solution offers:

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