With CatapultEMS, you'll develop an emergency communication plan that stays clear, centralized, and informed at all times with your teachers, sites, district and law enforcement. Use real-time student accounting, reunification, staff location check-ins, threat report management, and more - all from a responsive, dependable, cloud-based system.

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Anonymous online bully, tip, and threat reports go directly to your site's safety team to respond, escalate, resolve and archive reports.
Automatic emergency alerts sent via text, email and phone to staff, teachers, admin and first responders.
Full emergency management system with real-time student and staff accountability, digital emergency resources, two-way communication and first responder integration.
Initiate a reunification process at the conclusion of an emergency to reunite students with their emergency contacts.


Anonymous Bully & Threat Reporting

Included in our Emergency Management System, Anonymous Bully and Threat reports offer an anonymous way for students, teachers, and parents to report any situations through your website. Once submitted, your dedicated Bully Response Team or Site Safety Team is notified via text and email so that they can address and respond to the anonymous report in a timely and responsive manner.

A child covering his eyes and holding up his hand showing the word Stop written on it.

Emergency Alerts

Quickly and easily automate your emergency phone tree by alerting your district administrators, safety teams, teachers, staff, substitutes, and law enforcement via phone, text, and email on or offsite. During an emergency, Safety Teams on other sites in close proximity to your school also receive the alert. IP/VOIP integration is also available for automated classroom calls and PA announcements.

A line of students standing in front of two teachers

Student Reunification

Complete reunification process that is quick and easy to follow with compliance and actions already built in. CatapultEMS is aligned with the "I Love U Guys" Foundation's Standard Reunification Process. Send out information to emergency contacts, assign jobs to administrators, and reunify students with a streamlined and universal method for your district.

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Law Enforcement Integration

Law enforcement can have custom integration into the CatapultEMS system to receive communication the way they need. "Catapult allows us the opportunity to get clear and accurate information from on-site staff."- Police Lieutenant Chris Sachs

Student Privacy & FERPA Certified

CatapultEMS is certified through iKeepSafe to be compliant in the following areas:

  • The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
  • California Education Code 49073.6 - Collection of Student Information from Social Media
  • California AB 1584, Education Code section 49073.1 - Privacy of Pupil Records: 3rd-Party Digital Storage & Education Software
  • Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

Family Education Rights & Privacy Act, California Student Privacy Certified.


Anonymous Bully Reporting Anonymous BullyReporting
Reporting of bully situations through your website
Real-time Student Accountability Real-time StudentAccountability
Know GPS locations of students and their status
Incident Reporting and Escalation Incident Reporting &Escalation
Three modes of incident reporting and escalation
Two-way Teacher Communication Two-way TeacherCommunication
Have one-on-one conversations with teachers in an emergency
GPS and Room Location Reporting GPS & Room LocationReporting
Know your staff and student location
Alerts District, Police, & Fire Alerts District, Police,& Fire
Law enforcement and 9-1-1 integration
Digital Emergency Procedure Manual Digital EmergencyProcedure Manual
Most updated digital manual for emergencies
Configurable Safety Settings Configurable SafetySettings
Organize safety settings to fit your needs
Multi-district Access for Law Enforcement Multi-district Accessfor Law Enforcement
Access multiple districts for a single user
Works on Desktops, Tablets, & Phones Works on Desktops,Tablets, & Phones
Responsive design across all district & personal devices
SIS & Active Directory Integration SIS & Active DirectoryIntegration
One login & password for all district programs
Reunification Reunification
Reunify students with guardians quickly and easily
Community Threat Reporting Community ThreatReporting
Community can report suspicious information to site officials

CatapultEMS is your full emergency management system designed to be proactive before, during and after emergencies.

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