Catapult CMS is a content management system that empowers anyone, from teachers to technology directors, to control, update and maintain website content including text, images, links, video, and documents. It requires only word processing skills to operate, and it quickly and efficiently integrates any changes you make to the content within the site. And with three levels of rollbacks for error recovery, even the most hesitant of users should have no fear using this product.

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Why Catapult CMS?

Catapult K12 designs feature a unified graphic theme, with variations that distinguish the site while creating and maintaining a consistent overall look for the District and its schools. The design is professional, uncluttered and viewer-friendly, with graphics that load quickly and intuitive navigation that is easy to use.
Our easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) empowers multiple stakeholders to update your website instantly. Non-technical personnel can enter and update content, using the word processing skills they already possess, with no need to learn HTML, programming, or other complicated tasks.
Our ADA-compliant process starts with our HTML ADA-compliant templates. Then we review and make changes to your content to ensure it meets 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility. Lastly, we have updated our CMS to force website maintainers to maintain ADA compliance.


Twin Rivers Unified School District website on desktop and mobile devices
Washington Unified School District website on desktop and mobile devices
Woodland Joint Unified School District website on desktop and mobile devices
Shasta Union School District website on desktop and mobile devices
YUba City Unified School District on desktop and mobile devices
Sherwood Montessori website on desktop and mobile devices
Auburn Union School District website on desktop and mobile devices
Buckeye Local School District website on desktop and mobile devices
Oakland School for the Arts website on desktop and mobile devices



Responsive Design
Mobile/Tablet Ready
ADA Compliant Websites
Helping you meet WCAG 2.1 standards
Customizable Designs
Templates customized for school colors and more
Intuitive CMS Controls
Easy to learn and use
Easy Page Updates
Designed for non-technical content editors
Teacher Pages
Special design for teacher/classroom
Automated Staff Directory
Searchable by name, site, position
Announcement Feed/Blog
Display school & district news with photos, videos & documents
District Alert System
District may send alerts to all school websites
Social Media Integration
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
Calendar E-Notifications
Set alerts for school & district events
Easy Video Embedding
YouTube, Vimeo, TeacherTube, etc.
Photo/Video Galleries
Easy to upload and display
Google Integration
Google Calendar, Drive & Classroom
Single Sign-On
Active Directory or Google ID/passwords
Google Website Analytics
Track traffic data monthly
AWS Hosting
Super-fast, reliable & secure
iKeepSafe Certified
Trusted partner in protecting student data privacy
Online Animated Tutorials
Helpful video tutorials on using CMS features
Amazing Customer Support
Friendly & knowledgeable

Website Services


Catapult is now offering an ADA Remediation Service to assist our clients and protect against litigation. Catapult will work with you to define a personalized monthly plan that suits your district. School districts must conduct audits based on the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards. As your content is constantly changing, it is possible to unknowingly introduce new errors into your content in a variety of ways. For example, headings must be used correctly to avoid errors, links must have unique and descriptive names, tables must meet strict guidelines, documents must meet ADA guidelines, empty links and headers must be repaired or removed and videos must be captioned properly. Catapult's monthly remediation service can help you assess your accessibility and maintain ADA compliance.

A finger pressing an enter key on a keyboard that has been replaced by a key that reads WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Developing page structure and text for your website is overwhelming and extremely time consuming. Instead of bogging down your already overworked staff, let us do this challenging task for you. Our professional staff has years of experience developing well organized websites for the K12 market. They will first evaluate your existing website. Then you will meet with the copywriter to define your specific content needs. Average projects range from 10 to 30 hours. Out of all of the services we offer, this is by far the most effective at finishing your project faster, and the end result is a more comprehensive website.

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Our trained staff will collect the important elements of your existing website and migrate that data into your new Catapult CMS, saving you time and money. We make sure that all your important content is transferred accurately to your new Catapult website.

A graphic showing files from a folder on a computer moving to a folder on another computer.


Every district or school has individual needs for their K12 web solution. We offer a wide variety of extra services to help you achieve your goals. Custom design, HTML and CSS; special effects; header and footer customization; content area restyling -- these are just a few of the custom services you can request. Your Catapult project manager and dedicated web designer are always available to help add functionality and excitement to your Catapult K12 website, at the beginning or as you go along.

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Recognizing that getting board approval or purchase orders for small website revisions can be a stumbling block for districts, Catapult K12 offers Service Packs you can use as you choose. Use your prepaid Service Pack hours to request custom features, template modifications, special effects, artwork and more. It's just one more way Catapult K12 helps make your job easier.

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Catapult CMS is a simple and intuitive K12 content management system that empowers anyone -- from teachers to technology directors -- to control, update and maintain website content. Contact us to see how we can help you accomplish your website goals.

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